Most of my studio work is in mixed media, combining elements from photography, drawing, painting, printmaking and found (often pre-owned) objects. I always strive for a strong union of thought provoking conceptual elements along with an intriguing array of materials, often carrying symbolic meaning, to comment on life and society. Aesthetically my work can vary from one piece to another or from one series to the next, resulting in an eclectic body of work, linked by common aspects from my spirit and contemplations. Through the questions I pose, as part of my creative process, I hope the viewers will reflect and ponder insights within themselves.

In my public art I am very site specific; I enjoy connecting people to places through meaningful public art pieces. My pieces take into consideration historic, social, ethnic, spacial and dynamic factors and build relationships for the people who use a space, be it one time, or ongoing. I have painted murals, created fence projects in metal and wood, and designed and executed mosaics in stone, glass, ceramic tile and brick for the public realm.

Pack Rat Mandala Series - these men had slaves (2)